Tuesday, 23 December 2008

This is the universe. Big, isn't it.

Over the weekend,  the tv, the new tv, the one with the obscene ( compared to 5) number of channels, delivered my favourite film. I had a suspicion it might be on soonish because a couple of weeks back another from the same stable and nearly as wonderful had been on too, and the schedulers have a certain predictability. 

I happened upon it in the best way, by accident, without hunting it, it was just there and I landed at the beginning. Just as I did the very first time at home on vacation from university. I am not sure how it was possible that our paths did not cross before I left home but I am glad that they didnt. It was a pivotal film in the career for Mr Niven who made me laugh out loud one summer.

This film reaches out and plays with your heart, amuses your mind, and dazzles your ears and eyes. Witty dialogue delivered simply. Images once seen you don't forget and ideas that LIFT YOU UP and make you think. Each time I see it I wonder at it.

Greeted by the sound of barking - a black bounding labrador and the sound of a flute, Niven believes he has entered heaven. 

OOh I always hoped there'd be dogs..

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Roger and the Mars Bar

We werent talking of hoovers, but vacuums, and my sister commented that she had known a few hoover dogs in her life. This set me thinking about my canine companions through life and sidewinding I came across this description of the first family dog in my living memory, Roger.

"This lovable little dog is among the smallest of the working terriers. It has a short, strong, sturdy body with strongly boned legs and a fox-like muzzle with large solid teeth. The eyes are dark and expressive and the ears are upright. Norwich Terriers are active, courageous, affectionate, balanced and without any nervousness or quarrelsomeness. They are easy to train, and need consistent rules to follow. These little dogs love everyone and are great with children"

There was more, about what they are bred for. It misses out a few other characteristics about him too - he was intelligent, cunning and definitely ambitious, particularly when there was a bitch in season in the neighbourhood. "Get your lecherous hound away from my dog" (the female in question was a Great Dane - Roger wasn't perturbed) became a legendary quote .

He chose us. All our animals come to us. My Mother's Uncle bred him and this particular puppy would follow my brother around and pull down his rompers. My Mother staked her claim. He was middle aged when I was born. He liked to roll on his back and for hours would relax as assorted hands would tickle and rub his tummy.

Strangely every single cat and dog I have had since has liked this.

Roger liked chocolate and simultaneously made another of our clan annoyed and overjoyed when he leapt Lazarus like from his bed to snatch a Mars Bar being waved about in conversation above his heart attack stricken body.