Saturday, 26 April 2008

A tale of two boxes

It's thinner then the previous model

..And they aren't pleased

Pretty annoyed about the box too. Any new purchase that comes in a box is a playground, it should be just left casually about for them to attack, snuggle in, smear with scent and use as a castle to defend and launch sudden attacks from.

I failed them. Even though it is a very light new machine I don't have the abdominal muscles ( sliced ) to be able to lift things up, so the easiest way to get it out was to slice open the top and rip all the way down the side so that I could slide it out. Instead of being pleased at my combined use of an opposable thumb (or two) and some preplanning they are frustrated that their game has been changed.

One of them forgot and leapt from a chair top onto the side of the box - to make space I have fashioned it to maintain a box like shape. She pretended she was testing her "sudden and unexpected free fall in the dark" technique. The other looked away but I saw the whiskers trembling.

They will find a use of it, no doubt when I come downstairs tomorrow there will be evidence that it once existed all over the house

And whilst they are doing this I also know that their minds will be turning to how they can make best use of the thin replacement on the trunk. I just hope it doesn't involve more MMB .

Still reeling from having gone from 5 terrestrial channels to over a 100..

Wonder if I will start watching it more ?

Cats to exercise

Cats have enjoyed the delights of the warm laptop to snuggle up to for a couple of weeks now as I enjoyed the delights of the iplayer, which is a marvellous thing. I particulary like watching Holby when I have a bout of insomnia brought on by a whizzing mind.

Cats approve of laptops, warm thing, human stays near it for long periods bringing more warmth.

No more! family is visiting, I shall have to get a tv in to go with the salad and fish and of course no "pickly shit" - would take too long to explain.

It is well and truly spring now, cherry tree is in blossom, time they went outside and caught something that didn't arrive out of a packet

Cats like visitor, another warm bod and spring board, and another to play their feline mind tricks on

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Reasons to buy a new tv

Because you are interested in the latest technology ?
Because you need the tv because you watch it all the time?
Because the one you have is an old one that is not digitally aware?
Because you want to play Call of Duty on it?

2 of the above are true 2 are untrue

and the decider was this

I came home yesterday, turned the telly on to catch the news before bed, started out towards kitchen for some tea and was arrested by the strange noise coming from my tv.. the sound that a million years ago I would hear when trying to tune my Granny's tv into the alternative itv channel she could nearly receive that had Catweazle repeats on it.

Only my tv is tuned in properly, the 3rd Nephew made that happen.
No, one of the feline owners of my house had peed on my tv

So I will now buy myself a new tv, but this was sooner than I would have done, the other reasons not being strong enough.