Saturday, 21 February 2009

Ocelots have a new toy

A toy dog to be precise, delivered in the darkness of a thursday night. 

.....Hmmm what gentle sport shall we have.... 

I could hear them as they each took a high sentinel post  and regarded their prey toy

....At some point SHE will leave the house and then...... 

Her ladyship is an aristocratic spaniel who is holidaying with me whilst her persons are parleying  and digesting cheese, wine, and probably vampire repelling amphibians.

She is part of the extended multispecies family, so they all know one another. Dogs have the freedom to travel in cars and such like, as companions. Felines do travel by car and stay in other habitats at times but they generally have the freedom to come  and go through their own special door, the portal to their wild selves, when they choose.  Then return and be pampered and turn their playful games on to more docile  sport. How perfect for them a small dog.

So far it is gently done, a dog's bed is a perfect cat's bed, particularly perfect if the dog wants to lie in it and can't cos  the shadow of a panther is resting with a paw out and a small but discernable slow rhythmic tail twitch.

The Old Spaniel has learned a new trick, sent by sms to those in the lower latitudes. She has found a way of sleeping atop a crate of groceries delivered, covered by the fallen skirt from the laundry. A sort of Spaniel Fakir slumbering on her bed of nails, of soya milk cartoons, sauce bottles and vertical spaghetti. Being mostly blind she can not see how clever she is being and therefore is not averse to attempting it.

They watch on from the comfort of the dogs bed, or her duvet or her blanket. And I have watched all from the sofa whilst consuming yet more lemsip.

One of the cat tippees is now back in place. 

How long before her ladyship finds it and what will Ocetlots do then?


Anagram-King said...

Nature. It's a wonderful world as my chum Louis said. Or should that be Pal.

Dogs v cats
Males v Females
Superior creatures, weaklings.

Wonderful and yet sometimes unfair.

What is it about a predator playing with its food.

Why do we keep pets ?

Perhaps it is to bath them and say

"Good girl" as a reward for loyalty.

e.c. Tool He Nail Cat.

exmpli causa.I love learning.

Anonymous said...

What has the European Commission taken an interest in now?