Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Feline pauses aforethought

It has been suggested to me that animals can't think.

I think that they can think, and more.

I would write a longer blog post about this -  but the return and backspace keys are under a small feline chin. She doesn't appreciate the interruption when she is dozing and there are activities I should be attending to for her.

Anyone would think she had thought about it.



OWK said...

Strange events at the Circle K. We thought we'd seen the last of the Witch Cat who guards the bridge on the way to the station - but she reappeared today - that must have been one of her 9 lives. And in the background, Big Bang - I just watched the Shroedinger's Cat episode - there and not there, dead and not dead. The cat's alive and there is a world of enjoyment still to come!

Anonymous said...

I think pets know when they have been naughty