Friday, 22 October 2010

Cultural development of HR though unconferencing disorganisation ;-)

At Talis  a great deal of emphasis and importance has been placed on the development of a culture that supports everything we want to do as people and as a business. It sounds simple in one sentence. It isn't, some of the ideas are, the practice though, well that's a different matter and takes commitment, serious business commitment. 

Finding people who care about people and culture in similar complementary and inspiring ways is hard. I don't have an HR background. Not having the automatic trained hinterland of an HR education is both a hinderance and a help.  

Yesterday face to face were 64 people from across the UK who do care about people, are aware of cultural impact, understand deeply what employer branding is or isn't and can argue for a purpose about it AND importantly for me get excited about the potential for people to change their own worlds and the world at large  This was at the great inspiring and informative event ConnectingHR Unconference: HR and the social organisation- Embracing social media for competitive advantage

Watching this unfold over the last few months has been great, seeing a set of radicals come together and not start from the Orthodoxy of what HR should be, nor be confined by historical professional best practices. Instead wanting to be innovative and develop the right practices for each and every situation. Being inclusive and wanting to invite others in to share information has been rewarding.  It feels not just like fresh air but like a hearty meal after lots of gruel that doesn't really keep body and soul together.

As an event it was nutritional, raw, the venue was stunningly basic almost brutal, the energy was maintained. There was progress, information exchange, connection and energy for the next opportunities to develop.

It was so refreshing to see HR people whose culture traditionally has been framed around organisational shape and  in organising things and people  approach the fluidity of an unconference formula.. It's a technique well used in some technical and development communities. The WorldCafe movement is another example and it paid dividends yesterday

The unconference I think exceeded everyone's expectations. Informed, opinionated and still open minded people wanting to communicate and share the energy and passion to get good things done. I came back with a head full of things to think about and a longer list of thoughts to think about after that..

Talis' strapline is Shared Innovation and it is a determinant factor for our culture and one we will develop and nurture. 

Seeing that ethos live naturally in what can be seen as a traditionally conservative profession was beyond delight.  Bringing the rigour of professional experience and combining it with a passion for positive development is something I certainly will want to participate in and learn from

Yesterday was a very good day. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah. Great post and thank you so much for the kind words about the event. It far exceeded my expectations but thats down to the people that came. Our mission all along was to make it the participants conference and participation we got in spades.

I was also honestly moved by the interest and commitment to take it further and the general movement to do more. To do some good.

Yesterday was a pivotal day for me in terms of what next for connectingHR and despite some fears beforehand, I have a huge sense of purpose and mission now, thanks largely to people like you who have engaged.

Look forward to collaborating on lots of future good stuff!