Monday, 1 August 2011

Flintstones, Gardening, US Budget

When I was a child and The Flintstones were on, sometimes I would weary of the story line.

I loved the rendering of stone age life,  was amused by Dino, BamBam and Pebbles, and the bird beak record player. I liked the surreal and the word play and it was all this that made me watch it regularly.  


Sometimes Fred would get himself into a predictable predicament and worry about what Wilma would think and I couldn't - even at 7 or 8 years old - be bothered to stick with it. The rules of the cartoon meant that it would be resolved in some way in the next 20 minutes but so what ? I knew the ending and I was bored by the process. I'd go and do something else more interesting to me, sometimes that was just running round the garden with the dog for a while.

When my Mother was facing waiting for news she could do nothing about but would then have to deal with the consequences of - she'd head off out into the garden and focus on something more fertile, and real and long term.

I've felt the same about watching this crisis in the US for agreement between the executive and the legislature. Some resolution (whether it is the right one or not, I have no idea) was going to happen. In the meantime there was going to be posturing and competitive obfuscation and unedifying game playing. This is  boring and timewasting.

Can't help feeling that BamBam and Obama share only letters.

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