Monday, 17 October 2011

WhipLEASH experimentation

The Hound excited by his play with his friend the Ridgeback decided to leap over the ditch.

However I was not ready and still climbing under the fence, the lead was inadequately around my hand. He leaped. I tried to grab, failed, but felt the sensation of sinews stretching unnaturally and fast. I now have a VERY bruised left hand. I was told that it would be better if the hound was wearing a choke collar. I demur, I don't like them  AND my fingers would almost certainly have been broken had I been using one.

The mistake was mine, NOT Primo's.

I know this pain I've had it from a horse and rein accident too.. It is painkillers and pain and swelling and temporary sausage fingers (UGH!)

I wonder about violin practice, but other practical matters like putting clothes on to go outside are more pressing right now. Tentatively the car was tested this morning. I can drive safely because the middle fingers  and thumb are unaffected for gear changes. I won't be driving far though.

Stupid things catch me out, like holding a jar whilst taking the lid off. More experimenting as per a month or so ago, this time through necessity.  The natural rhythms are upset. All food making is hampered by my one armed ineffectualness. Typing... hmmm not for long.

Try pulling on and off socks one handed, or putting on a bra!  Or taking it off. I can use the forearm as a sort of counterbalance but I find I catch my fingers unexpectedly and I yelp. It makes the animals jump when I do that and I get reproachful looks from them as I disturb an afternoon siesta. Selfish chatelaine, they think.

My sister, made me laugh out loud on Skype in the coffee shop this afternoon, with her comment about how much the earth needed my violin playing. Even digitally delivered in words I heard the tone of voice. This was not a comment hidden by the post modernist cloak of "irony."

This was first order  Sarcasm similar to the honesty of my other sibling who said he wanted me to practice for a very long time before he wanted to hear me!

To them I say two things - in order.

THANK YOU and Bassoon.


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