Saturday, 12 April 2008

Reasons to buy a new tv

Because you are interested in the latest technology ?
Because you need the tv because you watch it all the time?
Because the one you have is an old one that is not digitally aware?
Because you want to play Call of Duty on it?

2 of the above are true 2 are untrue

and the decider was this

I came home yesterday, turned the telly on to catch the news before bed, started out towards kitchen for some tea and was arrested by the strange noise coming from my tv.. the sound that a million years ago I would hear when trying to tune my Granny's tv into the alternative itv channel she could nearly receive that had Catweazle repeats on it.

Only my tv is tuned in properly, the 3rd Nephew made that happen.
No, one of the feline owners of my house had peed on my tv

So I will now buy myself a new tv, but this was sooner than I would have done, the other reasons not being strong enough.

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