Saturday, 26 April 2008

A tale of two boxes

It's thinner then the previous model

..And they aren't pleased

Pretty annoyed about the box too. Any new purchase that comes in a box is a playground, it should be just left casually about for them to attack, snuggle in, smear with scent and use as a castle to defend and launch sudden attacks from.

I failed them. Even though it is a very light new machine I don't have the abdominal muscles ( sliced ) to be able to lift things up, so the easiest way to get it out was to slice open the top and rip all the way down the side so that I could slide it out. Instead of being pleased at my combined use of an opposable thumb (or two) and some preplanning they are frustrated that their game has been changed.

One of them forgot and leapt from a chair top onto the side of the box - to make space I have fashioned it to maintain a box like shape. She pretended she was testing her "sudden and unexpected free fall in the dark" technique. The other looked away but I saw the whiskers trembling.

They will find a use of it, no doubt when I come downstairs tomorrow there will be evidence that it once existed all over the house

And whilst they are doing this I also know that their minds will be turning to how they can make best use of the thin replacement on the trunk. I just hope it doesn't involve more MMB .

Still reeling from having gone from 5 terrestrial channels to over a 100..

Wonder if I will start watching it more ?

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Gloria Zoom said...

I had the same father and he was exactly the kind of man who would place an ill child in a library - he retired to a kind of one himself when he was ill.

He did not just have cats and a dog though - he fed a fair of firelizards including some of the ocelot chatelaine's ones and took great pleasure from watching them appear as if from "between" when he opened the tins or by his feet when he was picking off the chicken.

No buffet snacking for them - they were not fed on demand but to a timetable and woe betide if they were forgotten...

And from beyond the grave - or the sandcastle on the bonny bonny shores of Loch Lomond - he came back to tell me how I had let myself go and suddenly all is right with the world.